For decades the Blake Family has provided the Blake Ranch Rd. community with clean, crisp, and refreshing certified potable water. In 2003, the Blake family decided to reorganize the water company after selling the Blake Ranch RV Park and the attached wastewater system. At this time the potable water haul and sales operation began doing business as, Ranch Water Service, Inc. In late 2011, in response to the weakening economy Ranch Water Service implemented anSother way to help our customers as well as ourselves get through these tough times... NON-POTABLE water hauls and sales. While non-potable water is not recommended for drinking, our water is hardly lacking in quality.

We are located about 15 miles east of Kingman off I-40, however, we have made delivieries as far away as Lake Havasu City, and one of our favorite customers is located way up in the Hualapai Mountains overlooking Kingman.

If you're looking for clean, reliable, and friendly water delivieries please call us at (928)757-9027 today!